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Massimo Micheluzzi

Italian, born 1956


Micheluzzi was educated in classical studies, then later studied art history at the university of Venice, Ca’ Foscari. He was introduced to the world of glass by the Venini family. In 1993, he began collaborating with another Venetian artist, Laura de Santillana, and within a few years he was producing works of his own. In 1998 he had his first exhibition at Blanchaert, in Milan. Since then, he has exhibited in cities all over the world. His work is constantly evolving as he studies new techniques and ways of working with color.




University of Venice, Ca’ Foscari


Selected Solo Exhibitions (*Indicates published catalogue)


2008         Il vetro è duro, Pron Art & Design, Torino Italy*

2006         Massimo Micheluzzi: New Work, William Traver Gallery, Seattle

2005         Massimo Micheluzzi: New Glass Vessel, Barry Friedman Gallery NY

                 Massimo Micheluzzi. Sanske Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2004         Massimo Micheluzzi. Brutto Gusto, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

                 Massimo Micheluzzi. William Traver Gallery, Seattle, Washington

2003         Solo (x) 4, Barry Friedman Ltd., New York, NY

2002         Massimo Micheluzzi: Rouge, Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris, France*

                 Vetri. International Glass, Seattle, Washington

2001         Vetri: Massimo Micheluzzi. Galleria San Nicolò, Venice, Italy

2000         Vetri: Massimo Micheluzzi. Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris, France*

1999         Vetri, Galleria Blanchaert, Milan, Italy

1998         Coquillages, Galleria Blanchaert, Milan, Italy



Selected Group Exhibitions (*Indicates published catalogue)


2013       Murano / Fragile, Musée Maillol, Paris*

2012       Vetro Murrino da Altino a Murano (Murrino Glass from Altino to Murano), Glass Museum, Murano*

2011       Contemporary Venetian glass,  Hallwylska Museet, Stockholm*

               Curator Rosa Barovier Mentasti for The Fondazione di Venezia Collection. Catalogue

2009      COOL Glassworks, Brutto Gusto Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2007      Vetro d’Artista, Madonna di Campiglio, curated by Rosa Barovier Mentasti

              SOFA Chicago, Sanske Galerie, Zurich

2006      Collect, Victoria and Albert Museum, Galleria Blanchaert

              Translations and Transformations: Glass in Venice and America, 1950-2006, Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, PA

2005      Aldeburgh Festival 2005, Strand Gallery, Aldeburgh, UK

              SOFA New York, Barry Friedman Ltd., New York, NY

              Craft Alliance: Tradition Transformed: Murrini Glass.  St. Louis

              Le Pavilion des Antiquaires et des Beaux-Arts, Barry Friedman Ltd., Paris, France

              International Glass Exhibition, Laura Russo Gallery, Portland

2004      Vetri nel mondo oggi, Curated by Rosa Barovier Mentasti, Palazzo Fianchetti, Venice, Italy

              Aldelburgh Festival 2004, Strand Gallery, Aldelburgh, UK

              SOFA New York, Barry Friedman Ltd., New York, NY

              SOFA Chicago, With Barry Friedman Ltd., Chicago, Illinois.

              Le Pavilion de Printemps des Antiquaires et des Beaux-Artes, Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris, France

              Le Pavilion de Printemps des Antiquaires et des Beaux-Artes, Barry Friedman Ltd., Paris, France

2003      Craft Now, World Craft Forum, Kanazawa, Japan.

              Laboratorio Anfora, Curated by A.Dorigato, Venice, Italy

              Cool, Brutto Gusto, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

              Contemporary Decorative Arts Exhibition 2003, Sotheby’s, London, UK

2002      Glassway, Museo Archeologico di Aosta, Italy*

              SOFA New York, Barry Friedman Ltd., New York, NY

              Le Carrousel du Louvre, Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris, France

              Le Carrousel du Louvre. Barry Friedman Ltd., Paris, France

              Pavillon des Antiquaries et Beaux Arts, Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris, France

              Art Rotterdam, Brutto Gusto Gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

              Contemporary Decorative Arts Exhibition 2002, Sotheby’s, London, UK

              New Artists, New Work, William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA

              Cultura, Galleria Blanchaert, Basel

2001      Smart, Carousel du Louvre, Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris, France

              Glass and Ceramics, Galleria Blanchaert, Milan, Italy

              Pavillon des Antiquaries et de beaux artes, Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris, France

              Contemporary Decorative Arts Exhibition 2001, Sotheby’s, London, UK

              The Vessel: International Interpretations, Habatat Galleries, Pontiac, MI

              Glass and Ceramic, Galleria Blanchaert, Milan, Italy

2000      The Vessel: International Interpretations, Habatat Galleries, Pontiac

              Glass and Ceramics, Galleria Blanchaert, Milan


Permanent Collections 

Musée de Sars-Poteries, France

Ernsting Stiftung Alter Hof Herding Coesfeld-Lette, Germany

Musem Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Metropolitan Museum, New York

The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York

Wheaton Village Museum of Glass, Millville, New Jersey

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

The Museum of Arts and Design, New York

Fondazione di Venezia, Venezia

Villa Necchi Museum, Milan

Palazzetto Bru Zane Fondazione, Venezia

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