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Juan & Paloma Garrido

Spanish, born 19685/68


Juan and Paloma Garrido, son and daughter of the late celebrated Spanish silversmith Damián Garrido (1931-2002), are best known for their limited edition sterling silver centerpieces, candelabra, and tea sets. "When we think of our father, we remember his conscientious approach to his craft, the importance he granted to time, which led to the realization of exquisite works. Damián taught us to appreciate the time-consuming, painstaking nature of the art of creating silverware."

The Garridos have recently undertaken a new direction, both technically and formally.  No longer constrained by the utility of their designs, an element that added complexity to their creative process, but which also limited their formal, conceptual and aesthetic possibilities; they now face new challenges with their exploration of pure sculpture and furniture design. In conceptual terms, they are searching for balanced forms. Size is no longer a restrictive feature; they approach space and proportions with greater freedom, yet continue to apply the techniques of traditional silverwork.

Juan and Paloma Garrido were born in Madrid in 1965 and 1968 respectively, and trained in their father’s atelier for 15 years. Their works are included in the permanent collections of the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas, Madrid; Museo Nacional del Grabado Contemporáneo Español, Marbella and in numerous private collections worldwide.



Juan Garrido

              B.A. Business Administration; ESEM Madrid

              Graduate Diploma; Management and Administration; ICADE Madrid

              Technical Diploma; Business; COE Madrid

              Diploma; History of Silversmithing; The Official School of Art and Antiques Madrid

              Diploma; Traditional Spanish Silversmithing; Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid

              The Community of Madrid Craftsman’s Guild of Silversmiths

Paloma Garrido

              B.A. Business Management and Economic Studies; ICADE Madrid

              Technical Diploma; Business; COE Madrid

              Diploma; Traditional Spanish Silversmithing; Chamber of Commerce and      Industry of Madrid

              The Community of Madrid Craftsman’s Guild of Silversmiths


Selected Exhibitions

2011                    Juan and Paloma Garrido for Alexandre Biaggi Gallery, Paris, France

2009                    Juan and Paloma Garrido: New Furniture Collection, Garrido Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2008                    Juan and Paloma Garrido, Miguel E.Young Gallery,Ibiza, Spain

                            Juan and Paloma Garrido, Asprey, London

                            Juan and Paloma Garrido. Esculturas en Plata, López de Aragón Gallery, Madrid, Spain

                            Garrido. Nova Colección. Ourives do Século, XXI, Sargadelos Gallery, A Coruña, Spain

2007                    Juan and Paloma Garrido, Asprey, London,

2006                    Juan and Paloma Garrido: New Works in Silver, Barry Friedman Ltd., New York, NY

                            Juan and Paloma Garrido, Gallery A.B. Levy Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida

                            Juan and Paloma Garrido, Galeria Hartmann, Barcelona, Spain

2004                    Damián Garrido: Orfebres del siglo XX. Galeria Sargadelos, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

2003                    Damián Garrido. Orfebres del siglo XX, Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas, Madrid, Spain

2002                    Damián Garrido: A Silversmith of the 20th Century, Barry Friedman Ltd., New York, NY

1998                    Damián Garrido Un orfebre del siglo XX. Caja Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete, Spain; Caja Castilla-La Mancha, Toledo, Spain; Caja Castilla-La Mancha, Cuenca, Spain

1997                    Damián Garrido Un orfebre del siglo XX. Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas, Madrid, Spain; Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo, Marbella, Spain

1994                    Damián Garrido, Spanish Section, Academia Europea de las Artes, Madrid, Spain

                            Damián Garrido. Arte en plata, Galeria della Rovere, Madrid, Spain

1993                    Joyeros de Madrid, Palacio de Gaviria, Madrid, Spain

1992                    Damián Garrido, Hotel Sonesta, Key Biscayne, Miami, FL

1991                    Damián Garrido, Hotel Keio Plaza Intercontinental, Tokyo, Japan

                            International Exhibition of Spanish Artisan Products, Casablanca, Morocco

1990                    Damián Garrido, Maestro Artesano, Mercado Puerta de Toledo, Madrid, Spain


Group Exhibitions

2011                    Heavy Metal, Barry Friedman Ltd., New York, NY

1994                    Damián Garrido, Sección Española, Academia Europea de las Artes, Madrid


Selected Public, Private, and Royal Collections

Alfredo Briganty, Private Collector, Madrid

Sir Elton John, Private Residence, London

Emir of Qatar

Ian Rosen, Private Collector, London

Infanta Elena of Bourbon

King of Jordan

Madrid Excelente Foundation. Madrid

Museum of Art and Design, New York, NY

National Contemporary Engraving Museum (Marbella) Málaga

National Museum of Decorative Arts of Madrid

Paidea Foundation, A Coruña

Pope Benedict XVI, Vatican City

Prince Philip of Asturias and Princess Leticia of Asturias

Ralph Lauren, New York Studio

Spanish Embassies in Lithuania, Oman, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe

Spanish Government Presidency Office

The State Council of Spain, Madrid

Zarzuela Spanish Royal Palace



2002                    Awarded Official Trainers of Artesian Silversmithing

1997                    Official Honor from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid

1997                    Entrepreneur Diploma (Arganda City Council / ASEARCO Entrepreneurial Association.)

1994                    Excellency Award from the European Academy of Arts



Garrido, Juan  and Maceira, Patricia, Damian Garrido: Un orfebre del siglo XX / A Silversmith of the 20th Century, (Spain: 2002).

Garrido, Juan and Garrido, Paloma, Garrido Orfebres (1994-2005), (Spain: 2005).


2011                    Juan and Paloma Garrido for Biaggi Collection

                            Christofle: Garrido craftsmanship

                            Juan and Paloma Garrido for Chahan Minassian

2010                    Herve van der strataen: Garrido craftmanship

2008                    Garrido for Asprey Collection

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