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Angélique Lefèvre

French, born 1957


Personal Statement 

"My sculptures are made of a very light fabric, cotton weft called Tulle. The fineness of the yarn and weaving little tight, giving it a quality of transparency and elasticity, allowing the realization of quite different forms. This freedom of modeling, to the point that we can speak of "sculpture", associated with the traditional patronage work, sewing and embroidery, artistic horizons opened for a trade usually classified in the applied arts. Color, or rather the non color to which I stand, white, seems adequate to the desired effect: the immateriality and evanescence." - Angelique

Angelique’s enigmatic sculptures are ghost images, souvenirs of experience.  Life-sized apparitions are formed in diaphanous organdy, devoid of color and interior matter, creating a surreal effect.

When cut on the bias, organdy, a cotton muslin of fine fibers with a loosely woven warp and weft, affords great elasticity and the ability to ‘memorize’ an infinite number of forms. Fine embroidery stitches delineate eyes, hair, or the delicate lines of an ear.  Cut, sewn, and embroidered flat with the aid of a magnifying glass, the form achieves dimension only when the last stitch is in place. To create the illusion of volume, the artist then dips the piece in sodium carbonate, a solution that the Egyptians used in the preservation of mummies.

Angelique has been working in sculpted organdy since 1990. 

2010      "Doublures -Regards croisés autour du fil et du textile dans la collection du Frac Haute-Normandie "
2008      "White Now !", Galerie Seine 51, Paris
2006      Pavillon des Antiquaires et des Beaux-Arts, galerie Alain Blondel, Paris


2006      Centre Culturel " La Chesnaie ", Beauchamp2004      "Sculptures d'Organdi - Photogrammes", Galerie Alain Blondel, Paris
2001      "La vie en pop", Galerie Seine 51, Paris
1998      Musée de Saint-Maur
1997      Galerie Mann, Paris

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