Wang Wusheng

Born in Wuhu City Anhui Province in China.

Graduated from the faculty of Physics of Anhui Normal University.

1973 Photographer of The Anhui Newsphoto and Pictorial.

1974 Start taking photos of The Mountain Huangshan.

1981 Relocate to Tokyo, Japan.

1983 Art Institution Nihon University, Tokyo. Fellow of The Japan Foundation.

1986 The Tokyo Arts University, Tokyo.

1989 Visiting researcher of the Institute for Comparative Studies of culture in Tokyo Women's Christian University.

1990 Stay in New York for a year.

Present Working as a photo-artist based in Tokyo.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2000 The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Japan: April-July.

1998 Himmelsberge. The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria: May- August. It was the first exhibition of artistic photography, and the first one- man exhibition for a living artist in this museum.

1996 The Asakura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan: April.

1995 The Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai. China: January.

1994 The Galleria Prova, Tokyo and the OXY Gallery, Osaka: April-June.

The Isetan Art Hall, Niigata and the Iwataya Art Gallery, Fukuoka: August- September.

The China Art Museum, Beijing, China: November.

1993 The Art Gallery of Mitsukoshi Main Store, Tokyo, Japan: April.

1988 The Seibu Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan: October.

Group Exhibitions

2001 The Photo Exhibition of National Treasure Ganjinwajo. Matsuya, Ginza and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Japan: January & September. At this project WANG was selected as one of the best 10 photo- artists on the 20 century in the world by TBS TV, Asahi Newspaper and The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

1997 The Gravity of Mountains. The Kunst.Halle.Krems, Krems. Austria: September-November. The history of expression of ‘inner worlds,’ from the 18th century until modern times.


Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna

China Art Museum (Beijing)

Other Museums, companies, hotels, and personal collectors all over the world


2000 Wang Wusheng: Celestial Mountains. Japan-China Association, with Wang Wusheng.

1998 Wang Wusheng: Himmelsberge. SKIRA editore, Milan, and the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria.

1994 Artistic Interpretation of the Huangshan Mountain. Kodansha, Japan, and China Youth Publishing House, Beijing.

1993 The Ethereal Beauty of Mt. Huangshan. Kodansha, Japan.

1988 Fantasy through tranquility of Mt. Huangshan. Kodansha, Japan.

1981 Mt. Huangshan: Works of Wang Wusheng. Beijing People's Fine Arts Publishing House.